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Summary: A seasonal double drabble (200 words) written for [livejournal.com profile] ts_secret_santa. The prompt was 'Jingle Bells'.

Rating: NC-13 for non-explicit smuttiness

Jingle Bells, Sandburg Smells
By Fluterbev

December 2006

“Jingle bells, Sandburg smells, everyone ran away. Everyone knows that Sandburg’s smell gets grosser every day.”

His partner’s tuneless singing was giving Jim a headache. But he had to ask, nevertheless. “Where the hell did those words come from?”

Blair looked abashed. “It’s what some of the other kids used to sing at school. Kind of a hazing thing. I guess I, uh, appropriated it.”

“Appropriated it?”

“Yeah. You know, to take away the power of the words.” He frowned. “Hey Jim? You don’t think I smell, do you?”

Jim sniffed conspicuously in Blair’s direction. “Oh yeah. You smell.”

Blair looked hurt. “I do?”

“Definitely.” Jim reached out, and hooked Blair by the back of the neck to draw him close. The other man shuddered as Jim pressed his face into the juncture of his neck and shoulder, breathing deep, luxuriating in the sudden rush of pheromones.

After a few moments, Jim raised his head, to look into eyes heavy-lidded with arousal. “Jingle bells,” he crooned, every bit as off-key as Blair. “Sandburg smells, Jimmy wants to play. Everyone knows that Sandburg’s smell gets sexier every day.” He grinned. “How’s that for appropriation?”

“Oh, yeah,” Blair breathed. “I like it.”


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