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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. I want to read your stories but I don't have Dreamwidth, and the box at the top of the page is prompting me to log in. Does that mean I can't read them?

A. Anyone can read my stories here, whether they are a logged-in Dreamwidth user or not. All you have to do is go to the Home Page, and click on the story links you find there. Just treat it just like you would any other fanfiction website.

Q. Will you continue to archive your slash stories at 852 Prospect?

A. No. I generally, however, archive the vast majority of my stories at Artifact Storage Room 3.

Q. I'm looking for your latest WIP, but I can't find it here.

A. With the current exception of The Night Terrors and an ongoing series called Fathers' Day, I only post completed stories to this fic-journal. I do not have any other publicly accessible works in progress at this time.

Q. Why are some of your stories split into two parts?

A. Dreamwidth has a maximum length restriction for posts (approximately 50,000 words), which means that any story exceeding that limit has to be split into sections. Where that is the case, I have tried to make navigation between the parts as simple as possible. If you prefer to read long stories in a single file, then you'll find most of them in that format at Artifact Storage Room 3.

Q. I'd like to read/print out your story without all the annoying graphics and comments.

A. Feel free to copy and paste stories into MSWord or any other application you like for your own personal use.

Q. What do you mean when you say 'comments are welcome, but absolutely not necessary'? Do you want me to leave you a comment or not?

A. I appreciate very much the nice things that people have said over the years about my stories, and am very grateful to everyone who takes the time to write to me about them. However, I also like the idea that people can come along and read my stories and engage with them in whatever way they feel most comfortable, without feeling any obligation in return. As far as I am concerned my stories are freely given, and I require no acknowledgment from readers at all unless this is something you really wish to do.

Q. I want to leave a comment, but I'm not a Dreamwidth user.

A. That's fine. All story posts in this journal are set up to accept comments from people without Dreamwdth - you just have to select the 'Anonymous' option after you click on 'Post a new comment' (however if you do that I would ask that you please sign your name/internet pseudonym in the body of your message, otherwise I have no way of knowing who you are). If you have a LiveJournal you can comment using Open ID. Alternatively, you could email me at the address displayed on each story.

Q. What happened to your story, Blood Feud? Do you intend to post it here? Can you send me a copy?

A. Blood Feud is a story which has extremely painful connotations for me, for reasons rooted both in my personal life and in the circumstances under which it was written. Because of that I made the decision, some time ago, to take it offline permanently. I no longer retain a personal copy (so please don't ask me for it), and have no plans to post it online again. If you want to read it you could try asking at one of the ficfinder communities, as there may be readers who will be willing to share their saved copies. I'd prefer not to be contacted about it though, and please don't send me feedback for it.

Q. I'm going to repost your story in my journal/to an archive/on my website. It's just fanfic so I don't need your permission for that, do I?

A. I obviously can't stop you from doing whatever you want, and unfortunately it wouldn't be the first time. However, if you take my story and repost it publically without asking, either in its original format or by translating it into another language, making it into an e-book file or just plain pretending it is yours, then I reserve the right to point out your rudeness. And if you tell me after the fact that you couldn't get hold of me to ask, I will refer you to the very clear email address that is displayed on every story.

If you have any comments/questions, you can email me at fluterbev@gmail.com

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