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Summary: Some sensations can be a bit too much, until you're guided to pleasure.

Author's Note: This is a drabble of exactly 100 words. It was written to a prompt - 'lick' - given to me by [livejournal.com profile] andeincascade, and is dedicated to her, with much love.

Rating: NC-17


By Fluterbev

August 2008

“Sandburg, quit it!” Jim growled.

Blair looked up. “What’s the matter?”

Jim sighed, twitching uncomfortably. “It’s like being slimed. Like a slug crawling all over me.”

Blair was unfazed. “Dial it down, man!” he ordered. “You need to bring it down to a level where this feels good.” He deepened his tone with intent. “I promise you, Jim. I can make you feel good.”

Blair got back to work and, to his delight, Jim gradually relaxed and stopped fighting. Very soon, his breathy moans of ecstasy were music to Blair’s ears.

Which proved Blair’s theory that tongue was definitely good.

The End

Comments are welcome, but absolutely not necessary - all of my stories are offered freely and without obligation. If you do wish to comment below please sign your name/pseudonym if you are not logged-in to Dreamwidth or Open ID, or alternatively you can email me at fluterbev@gmail.com

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