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The most recent updates to this journal are listed below, in reverse-date order

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5th May 2011

Added final part of The Night Terrors (slash):

The Night Terrors: Part the Third - The Winnowing

9th February 2011

Added new long story (slash):

Take Two

16th September 2010

New slash snippet added in the Fathers' Day series:
Nothing Left in Store

4th September 2010

Closed down LJ fic journal and moved to Dreamwidth.

New slash snippet added in the Fathers' Day series:
Late at Night on the Open Road, Speeding Like a Man on the Run

6th August 2010

Added a new slash short story:

Survivor Guilt

13th April 2010

Added a new slash snippet:


27th December 2009

Added four new slash snippets/short stories:

Fathers' Day


Fanfic House

Fanfic Awards

Added LMFA 2009 Winner, Honorable Mention and nomination graphics to relevant pages.

Added Index Page for the Fanfic Hospital series.

7th February 2009

Added LMFA 2008 Winner and Honorable Mention graphics to relevant pages.

Updated FAQ.

Added link to the Fanfic Hospital Website.

28th December 2008

Added new slash short story in the Irish Saga: The Frost is All Over

14th November 2008

Added new slash satirical snippet: Fanfic Sex Therapist

23rd October 2008

Added new pre-slash TS snippet (collaboration with Panik ([livejournal.com profile] gillyp) and [livejournal.com profile] fingers: Fanfic Hospital

17th September 2008

Added new slash short story: Torture

6th September 2008

Added Index page for the Irish Saga.

Added LMFA Nomination graphics for 2008.

So that visitors to this journal do not have to see advertisements, I have bought 12 months paid time.

16th August 2008:

Added two new TS slash drabbles:



Also added two new gen snippets:



12th August 2008:

Added new TS slash snippet: Moving

3rd August 2008:

Updated the FAQ.

18th May 2008:

Added new slash TS story in the Three Spirals Universe:

Round the House and Mind the Dresser

31st March 2008:

Updated the FAQ.

23rd March 2008

Added 2007 LMFA winner and honorable mention graphics to relevant pages.

17th March 2008

Added new TS slash story in the Three Spirals universe:

The Pure Drop

1st March 2008

Added second part of a new slash TS novel-length story:

The Night Terrors - Part the Second

17th February 2008

Added first part of a new slash TS novel-length story:

The Night Terrors - Part 1

3rd January 2008

Added new gen TS short story: Breaking Point

2nd November 2007

Added new gen TS snippet: Infusion

27th October 2007

Added Art Index page

Added illustrations by Lorraine Brevig, Rhianne and Peter Neverland.

20th October 2007:

Added gen and slash versions of a new TS story: Immersion.

Gen Version

Slash Version

19th October 2007:

Added FAQ page.

16th October 2007:

Added What's New? page.

Reorganised story links by size-category on Home Page.

13th August 2007

New TS slash story added: Sentinel Justice.

31st July - 13th August 2007

51 stories added - TS slash, TS gen and Other Fandoms.

Author Awards page added.

31st July 2007

Journal created at LiveJournal.

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