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I am no longer adding new stories to this site

Any new stories I post will instead be added to Archive Of Our Own (AO3).
You can find my AO3 author page here (with the most recently posted works at the top):


I will keep this Dreamwidth page up as an archive of my older works.

All stories in this journal have now been posted to AO3.

This is the main archive for my fanfiction stories. I write both gen and slash fiction, primarily for The Sentinel

If you are a Dreamwidth user you are welcome to add this journal to your circle to ensure that updates show up on your reading page. For ease of navigation this journal is best viewed in its original style.

Comments are welcome, but absolutely not necessary - all of my stories are offered freely and without obligation. If you do wish to comment please sign your name/pseudonym if you are not logged-in to Dreamwidth or Open ID, or alternatively you can email me at

General Stories - The Sentinel

Note: All of my general stories depict Jim and Blair as friends. Please note ratings/warnings on individual stories.

Long Stories:

Kith, or Kin?


Shorter Stories:


I Thought I Saw Sunlight

The Best Medicine

An Anchor in the Storm

Not Waving, But Drowning ~ Companion piece for An Anchor in the Storm

Not Going Anywhere

Anniversary & Reunion

Breaking Point

Missing Scenes & Epilogues:

I Can Be You Oo Oo - Cypher

Sanctuary (expanded version) - The Rig

Golden Confusion - Blind Man's Bluff

Glimmerman - Three Point Shot

Scrying - Mirror Image

The Taste of Death - Sentinel Too Part 2

Blind Spot - Dead End on Blank Street

Just a Sham - The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg

Wolf My Guide - Various episodes

The Dawn to Dark Series:

Part 1: On the Edge of Dawn

Part 2: Into the New Day

Part 3: Twilight of the Soul

Part 4: The Darkest Night

Part 5: The Darkness Will Flee from the Light




Infusion ~ Missing scene for Immersion

The Anthropologist and the Goat

Waiting (Collaboration with Rhianne)

Guilty as Charged

The Rescue

Compassion in the Dark (extended version)

Seasonal Snippets/Drabbles:

Snowball Fight

Gathering, Fashioning

Snow Problem

Buddy Love

Slash Stories - The Sentinel

Note: Stories in this section range from the merest hint of slash, right up to some very explicit stuff. Please note ratings/warnings on individual stories, and do not read if you are offended by male/male relationships, or are underage.

(Also, Jim and Blair's relationship in all of my general stories (listed in the section above) may be interpreted - to quote Jim in the episode Killers - as friends, "With potential.")

Long Stories:

Conforming to Requirements

Lasting Imprint

Double Blind


Sentinel Justice

Immersion ~ This is an extended slash version of the gen story listed above.

Take Two New! 

The Night Terrors:

A novel-length, fantasy AU, published in three main parts: 

Part the First - The Reaping
~ Chapter 1  /  ~ Chapter 2

Part the Second - The Harrowing
~ Chapter 1  /  ~ Chapter 2

Part the Third - The Winnowing ~ New! 
~ Chapter 1  /  ~ Chapter 2  / ~ Chapter 3

Shorter Stories:

Survivor Guilt

Staying Present

Guilty Secret

Postscript (Collaboration with Rhyo)

Lesbian Chic



Walls Within Walls ~ Extended epilogue for Prisoner X



The Irish Saga (Index):

Three Spirals

Road Rage

The Book of Kells

The Pure Drop

Round the House and Mind the Dresser

The Frost is All Over

Fanfic Hospital Series (Index):

Satirical crack!fic collaborations. To read the rest of the stories in this series (by such brilliant writers as Mab, Elaine, Psychgirl, Jane Davitt, Jess Riley and others) go to the Fanfic Hospital Website

Fanfic Hospital (Collaboration with Panik and Fingers)

Fanfic Sex Therapist

Fanfic House (Collaboration with Luicat)

Fanfic Awards

Fathers' Day Series:

A series of snippets previously posted at Sentinel Thursday. Angst and unhappiness to the nth degree - if Jim/Blair are your OTP please read with caution.

Fathers' Day


Late at Night on the Open Road, Speeding Like a Man on the Run

Nothing Left in Store





Five Ways Blair Sandburg Didn't Have Sex With Jim Ellison in Canon

20 Things You Never Knew About Blair Sandburg (Collaboration with Rhianne)

So Married


Seasonal Snippets/Drabbles:

Jingle Bells, Sandburg Smells

Gay Apparel

Stories in Other Fandoms

Note: All stories currently listed in this section are gen.


Loss of Faith

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Unless stated otherwise, all stories in this journal are inspired by the Pet Fly/Paramount TV series The Sentinel. They are produced purely for the enjoyment of myself and other fans, not for profit. No copyright infringement is intended.

Please do not repost or archive these stories anywhere else, without first obtaining my express permission.

The artwork at the top of the Home Page and on my default icon is by [livejournal.com profile] rhianne - thanks so much to her!


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